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There are a few steps on how to get help. Support is only offered for the most recent version of qZDL ONLY.

Gathering Information

Please make note of the following:

  • The ZDL version information (Go to ZDL->About, and take note of the 'source', build, build #, and build job)
  • Location of the user configuration file
  • Contents of the user configuration file
  • If not using the global user configuration file, INCLUDE IT ANYWAYS, and include the zdl.ini you're trying to use
  • Location of the ZDL executable

Generating Diagnostic Information

In the same folder as qZDL, create a new file called "diagnostic.bat" and add the following:

If the executable is qzdl.exe:

 qzdl.exe --enable-logger

If the executable is zdl.exe:

 zdl.exe --enable-logger

Run the bat file and reproduce the issue. Include the result zdl.log file.

Contacting Support

There are multiple ways of getting help:

  • via IRC (, #zdl, please use a pastebin for the above information)
  • via the ZDoom Forums (PM QBasicer)
  • via email (qbasicer+zdl /AT/ gmail /DOT/ com)