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ZDL is the next beta release of ZDL. It was released as a beta on August 2nd, 2012 and as the stable version August 8th, 2012. There is virtually no difference between the beta and stable versions. Only the update ID and documentation differ (stable doesn't say 'beta'). The beta version will notify you of new betas, so if you're interested in beta testing, download the beta.

New Features since

  • libwad - WAD files will automatically be scanned for map names and enumerated inside the map combobox
  • Multiple file moving in list views
  • Option to toggle saving/loading of the PWAD list
  • Remember last directory for open/save file dialogs in zdl.general/lastDir
  • Ignore arguments starting with -
  • ZDL now under the "ZDL Software Foundation"
  • Specify the configuration backend of libzdl to sunrise
  • Add (currently unused) options to libzdl to prevent writing and cloning and accessor APIs
  • Update information dialog uses a fixed width font to preserve formatting
  • Remove 'quote paths' option
  • Add option to hide paths in lists
  • Change internal branding to ZDL



Stable: Windows x86 .ZIP

Beta: Windows x86 .ZIP


Beta: .ZIP .tar.gz

Stable: .ZIP .tar.gz


Stable: Github

Beta: Github

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed wiping entire zdl.save
  • Fixed multiple file moving

What's Next



Beta: ZDL

Stable: qZDL