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Which version should I use? I recommend ZDL 3.2 as it's the latest and greatest, but many prefer the more classic ZDL 3.1x.

Current Versions

qZDL/ZDL 3.2

Why is the download so large?

To provide a cross platform product, qZDL is written in a cross platform widgeting toolkit called Qt. This allows it to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The amount of code that supports this is quite large, and has to be distributed with qZDL so that it can run and utilize it. Essentially, qZDL loads the .dlls and asks them to perform the GUI functions on it's behalf.

Why not continue in native Win32?

The developer, QBasicer, doesn't run Windows anymore.

How much does ZDL 3.1x and qZDL have in common?

Not much. Some code snippets were taken from ZDL 3.1x such as file extension registration, but heavily modified.

Where's the Mac version?

qZDL compiles fine for Mac, but there's no resources to compile/test it. Word it that it can't launch ZDoom. Help from other developers is certainly welcome. === Why doesn't (q)ZDL automatically load my configuration on launch? (q)ZDL uses a new method for storing settings inside the users global settings directory. This enables qZDL to find the current configuration regardless of having the ini configuration in the right place. You may set the current configuration as the global configuration in the "ZDL" menu ("Import Current Config" inside "Actions").

Previous Versions

ZDL 3.0x

Ask a question!

ZDL 3.1x

Ask a question!


Why is ZDLSharp discontinued?

ZDLSharp was discontinued because the developer (QBasicer) stopped running Windows and started using Linux. There are numerous rather large bugs in ZDLSharp, and it probably should be replaced with something else.

What should I upgrade to?

This is personal preference. qZDL is an excellent choice since it's developed by the same developer, or ZDL 3.1x because it's the continuation of the original ZDL.