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ZDL 3.1a (Wildgoose)

  • Properly switch to source port exe directory before launch. This will use the .ini from the source port directory instead of creating new ones in zdl directory.
  • Bundled msvcr80.dll and manifest file. Therefore no longer requires the user to install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)"

ZDL 3.1 (Risen)

  • Default file filter now includes PK3
  • Keyboard support
  • Option to close on launch
  • Option to associate PK3
  • Option to associate ZIP (if you really want to...)
  • If something other than the first IWAD in the list was selected on close, PWADs would be dropped from the list on startup.
  • Could not start on a map named "NONE"


Currently unavailable.


The only currently known place for this source to exist is in a git branch on github