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ZDL is the first official public beta of ZDL for Mac OSX.

OSX Support

This is the first version of ZDL that has had an official beta compiled for OSX. This version is considered a test. When/if there is another release, it will be determined if there will be another. Feedback and bugs are welcome. No feedback means no future versions.

Current Issues

  • None reported



Beta: Not available


Beta: .ZIP .tar.gz

NOTE: Some minor modifications are required to get the icon to be set correctly. Add the "ICON = res/zdl3.incs" to the end of the qzdl.pro file once it's been generated by configure.


Beta: Github

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the files list on the main tab not remember the last location a file was added from

What's Next



Beta: ZDL (Version had a limited public alpha)

Stable: qZDL